Player's Guide

Mines of Doom is a game easy to play, hard to master. The rules are pretty simple but sometimes the interactions and the options available aren't clear enough.

We have added an in game guide, you can consult it at any time pressing the back button and then clicking on the H marker or you can click on the pile of books at your right in the main menu. Good luck and enjoy!

  • Avoid the traps
  • Upgrade your equipment
  • Level up
  • Defeat the monsters
  • Survive
  • Find the exit to the next level


This is a quick start guide to help you in your adventures through the mines of doom.

You can access to this guide while in game from your inventory and profile book by clicking the H marker on the bottom right corner (press the back button to show the book).

Remember that you can change the locomotion mode (teleport, dash or free movement) in the inventory & profile book, marker C)

Good Luck!


  • Quick Access Slots: you can access to your hand weapons moving your hand to your thigh (or shoulder for two handed weapons) and pressing the trigger.
  • Inventory and profile: Press the back button to see your inventory and profile.
  • Movement: Touch the touchpad in the direction you want to move.
  • Snap turn: swipe left or right to do a snap turn (Teleport/Dash mode) or press the touchpad left or right (Free mode).
  • Signature action (when available): double tap the right side of the touchpad.
  • Show selectable actions (when available): double tap the left side of the touchpad. To select and option rotate the controller until the action do you want to use is highlighted (color), then press the trigger. Some actions are used automatically and others are prepared and require a second trigger press to activate (usually because they require a target).
  • Ultimate action (if available, Gold Seekers don't have any ultimate action): point your controller up and press the trigger.
  • Interact: when you are near some interactable item like buttons, levers, chests, doors, weapon caches or shortcuts a blue pointer will be shown, press the trigger while pointing the interactable element to use it.


In the center of your interface, you will find your stamina bar, and the (B) bonus action available and (R) reaction available indicators. Your stamina bar will be consumed when you move using dash/teleport and after using a melee attack.

The green bar at the bottom-left is your hit points bar, if it reaches 0 you die and the game is over. Some classes have a resource counter (right side of the bar) that allow them to use special actions (Gunslinger: Grit points, Gold Seeker: Rage, Saloon Girl: Bardic Inspiration). Additionally, the Saloon Girl has a spell point bar used to cast spells.

On the bottom right you can find the actions with charges, once those charges are spent you can't use them again until they are recharged.

You will find come fire camps around the mines, after using them you will recover some of your hit points, feature resources and some actions will be recharged (other won't recharge until you reach the exit).

If a class has selection skills available they will be shown under the stamina bar when you double tap left the touch controller.


  • Melee Weapons: swing the controller.
  • Firearms: aim and press the trigger.
  • Firearms (automatic): aim and keep the trigger pressed.
  • Bows: aim and keep the trigger pressed to charge and release the trigger to shot. You can release the arrow before it is fully charged, but the range will decrease.
  • Throwing Weapons & explosives: move your hand back, press the trigger and then move your hand forward fast and release the trigger. You aim with your eyes not your hand.


  • Parry: Keep your hand rolled left (requires a melee weapon wielded)
  • Block: Keep your hand rolled left (requires a shield wielded)


  • Reload (firearms): do a snap movement down while wielding a firearm.
  • Reload (throwing weapons): charges will be recovered automatically. Small with multiple charges will reload every 5 seconds, while larger weapons will reload after 15s.
  • Reload (explosives): explosives don't reload, once they run out of charges they are exhausted.


Your generic combat resources are stamina/actions, reactions and bonus actions.

  • Stamina: a full stamina bar is worth 2 actions.
  • Reactions: you can spend 1 reaction per round (used to parry, dodge or block).
  • Bonus actions: used with class features, you can spend 1 per round.

One round of combat is 1. 5s long.

Note: most archetypes have their custom resources.

Melee Weapons

To use melee weapons and to move you spend stamina (you can see it in the center of your screen), a full stamina bar is worth 2 actions and each action allow you to attack once for each point in your attack stat. So with a full bar at level 1 every class can attack twice, and then once again after 1. 5s (one round of combat).

Melee attacks don't have cooldown, so you can spend all your attacks at once.

All melee weapons allow you to parry and they produce glancing blows when attacking. A glancing blow is a secondary hit to nearby targets with reduced damage. Two handed weapons are reduced less than one handed weapons.

Ranged Weapons

Ranged weapons have a cooldown but don't consume stamina/actions. For most weapons the cooldown is reduced with your stack attack, so once you get an extra attack you will shoot twice as fast.

Ranged weapons consume ammo instead, some need to be recharged after each shoot (crossbows) and others allow you to shoot multiple times (revolvers). Once you run out of ammo you can shoot anymore until you find a weapon cache.

Weapon caches will recover a small amount of ammo for all your weapons before being exhausted while Large weapon caches reload all your ammo and never runs out.

Ranged weapons only hit one target with each shot with some exceptions: machine guns, flamethrowers, mortars and shotguns. Those weapons use Dexterity Saving Throws instead of attack rolls to hit, so they can't crit.


Some items or actions grant you dodge, block or parry, all of them requires to consume 1 reaction point (you only have 1 per turn). Parry will grant you advantage to avoid melee hits, while Dodge and Block will grant you advantage to avoid melee and ranged hits.

When you attack with a weapon or spell that uses an attack roll it will crit if the attack roll is 20 dealing extra damage. Gold Seeker features allow him to crit with a lower result and have increased damage on crit.

Dual Wielding

You can wield two light weapons of the same type (two light melee weapons or two light firearms for example). When you attack with your main weapon you will spend a bonus action (if available) to do an extra attack with your off hand weapon.

Attacks with an offhand weapon don't apply your ability score bonus, except if you have a feature that allows you to do so (i.e. fighting style: dual gun fighting).

This bonus attack can be used with ranged, melee and throwing attacks.

Inventory & Profile Book

While in game you can access to the inventory and profile book pressing the back button. It will show 2 pages, the left one shows your inventory and the left one shows other stats and this guide.

You can navigate through the stat pages clicking on the markers in the right side:

  • M: Main stats
  • R: Resistance and proficiency
  • F: Archetype features
  • C: Configuration and settings
  • L: Combat log
  • H: Game's guide


You can find new equipment, keys and consumables inside the chests of the mines of doom. To add them to your inventory, grab their cards, pressing the trigger while pointing to them, move your hand to your body and release the trigger.

There are two kinds of keys:

  • Master keys: will open any common door
  • Specific keys: will open only their assigned door

Remember: specific doors (marked with a glowing rune) can require one or more key combined with levels and button uses.


You can unequip and discard any item by clicking it's icon in the inventory and releasing it, you can recover it at any time.

Every item is assigned to one or more slots, if the slot required for a new item is occupied the previous item will be released at your feet:

  • You can only wear one armor at a time.
  • You can carry 2 hand weapons, 1 two-handed weapon and a shield or off-hand item.
  • You can carry up to 4 consumables.
  • You can carry up to 4 accessories, but only 1 of each type except trinkets, rings and earrings (you can carry 2 of those).

Weapons are automatically assigned to a quickslot so you can wield them grabbing them from your thighs or shoulder.


To use potions you must grab the card and shake it, it will transform into a potion and then you can move it to your head to drink it.

Other consumables like books are used automatically when they are added to the inventory.


If you try to equip an armor without the required proficiency it will be automatically scarpped and you will get some dollars.

Main Stats

On this page you can find:

  • AC: your armor class, higher is better.
  • Speed: how fast you move.
  • HP: hit points, if they reach 0 you die.
  • Ability Scores: they increase your saving throw modifiers and attack rolls. STR for melee attacks, DEX for ranged attacks and CHA for Saloon Girl spells.
  • Free: free points, you can use them to increase your ability scores up to 20. You will get more free points at certain levels.
  • Attacks: number of attacks, it increases the number of attacks you can do with an action and reduces the cooldown for ranged weapons.
  • Prof: proficiency modifier, this bonus applies to any saving throw or weapon attack if you are proficient with it.

Weapon Profile

It shows the name of the weapon and their stats while wielded:

  • Hit: modifier to hit with this weapon
  • Damage: damage it does with a successful hit.


Resistance to damage modifies the damage you take on a successful hit:

  • Vulnerable: you take twice the damage.
  • Resistance: you take half the damage.
  • Immune: you take zero damage.

Resistance to conditions make it easier or harder to resist some conditions like poison, paralysis, prone, etc.

  • Advantage: you have advantage on the saving throw roll.
  • Disadvantage: you have disadvantage on the saving throw roll.
  • Immune: you are immune to this condition.


Every class has proficiency with some weapons, saving throws and armor types:

  • If you are proficient with a weapon type or saving throw, you will add your proficiency bonus to the relevant rolls.
  • If you aren't proficient with an armor type you can't equip it (shields included)

Archetype Features

You get some features at level one and you unlock more with each level. Some of these features are passive while others grant you bonus, increase your archetype resources or give you new active abilities (signature, selection or ultimate actions).

When a feature has a roman number in the cornet it's power (or charges) will be increased in further levels.


You can select a different locomotion mode:

  • Teleport
  • Dash
  • Free movement

And enable or disable:

  • Camera shackle (for explosions)
  • Crosshair for ranged weapons
  • Music

If you disable the music you will be in disadvantage because it changes when there are enemies near or you enter/leave combat.

Combat Log

On this page you will find detailed all the combat information for you and your adversaries: rolls to hit, saving throws, damage, effects added or removed, etc.

Other options

When you open your inventory and profile book you will find additional options to its left:

  • Exit: Leaves the game, all you advance since you entered the level is lost. Next time you play you can continue from the start of this level.
  • Restart: your advancement in this level is lost and you return to the entrance of the mine with the same experience, items and gold that you had at the beginning.
  • Reset: as restart but the map and encounters will be generated with a new seed.

Sometimes you will find a level too hard to finish or maybe you can't find the exit, in those cases you can use a reset to change the seed of the dungeon generation to play a different level.

Magic Items

Rarity by color:

  • White: common
  • Green: uncommon
  • Blue: rare
  • Purple: very rare
  • Orange: artifact

Weapons and armors can have a bonification from +1 to +4:

  • Weapons: bonus to hit and to damage.
  • Armors: bonus to armor.

Weapon extra features:

  • Extra damage: +2, 1d6 or 2d6.

Armor extra features:

  • Resistance to one type of damage.
  • Damage reduction


  • Fixed stat increase: set a stat to a fixed ammount (if it is lower).
  • Stat increase: increases a stat.
  • Max ammo increase.
  • Resistance to some damage type.
  • Resistance to some conditions.
  • Bonus to saving throws.


Before you enter the mines you can find two vendors

  • Left vendor: generic starter equipment.
  • Right vendor: upgraded vendor, the quality of this vendor will increase as you reach deeper levels and isn't reset when you die, it will offer always equipment for the higher deep reached.

Remember that once you die you can spend all the money you got in your last run!

Rest Area

Once you reach a rest area you will find one or two vendors. The equipment sold will increase in quality as you reach deeper levels of the mines.

All your resources and weapons will be recharged automatically before leaving the area.

  • Song of Healing (1, SELECTION, Bardic Inspiration): recover heal point over 15s, healing amount is increased as you level.
  • Song of the Hunt (3, SELECTION, Bardic Inspiration): for 15s you have advantage on attack rolls.
  • Song of the Wind (14, SELECTION, Bardic Inspiration): for 15s all attacks against you have disadvantage.